Why are SiteOnMobi Web Design Templates awesome? #goMobi

Choosing a web design template is simple – simply click on the one you wish to use and content will be repurposed to match. For this example, I entered disney.com as my domain address, and goMobi automatically created a responsive site based on what already exists online.  Viewing different templates is as simple as clicking on the image of the template you would like to see.

Starting with a pre-made professional web design template provides clients with a fantastic starting point from which to build their brand.


Clients can then add any of the amazing features available, to help improve customer experience.  There are over 30 of these features, which allow companies to convert visitors into customers. Clients can simply check the features they wish to include.

You can experiment with SiteOnMobi’s Web Manager here.

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Your Next Big Career Move Could Be Into Mobile Website Reselling

The big career move that you have been waiting for could be to resell mobile websites. With a mobile website reseller program, you do the work of finding the clients in need of mobile website development, and connect them to the companies who are creating the sites. Everyone wins in this situation. The business gets a mobile website developed when they may have not made the effort to find a website development company in the first place. The website development company gets another client, one that they may not have found, or may not have had the time to find. And you, taking advantage of a great mobile website reseller program, get to provide for both of these companies while being paid for it.

Why should the world of mobile websites be exciting, though? Why is this an open playground for you to excel in? There are a great deal of statistics that show that mobile websites are the next, very important step in an internet presence. And there are also numbers showing how damaging it could be not to have a website that is mobile capable.

reseller model private label

In 2012, people used their mobile devices for browsing about 15 percent of the time. It has  nearly double by the end of 2013, at 26 percent. And numbers show that 2014 saw mobile browsing up to over 35 percent. People are more likely to avoid a site on their mobile device if it is not mobile ready. Meaning, as more people start using their phones for browsing, websites that are not ready for it will suffer. As those people continue to access mobile sites, so grows the market.

As of right now, there are 1.4 billion smartphone users. Americans spend just under three hours every day looking at their smart phones. And by some counts, it is projected that mobile internet usage just may overtake desktop usage this year.

Still, only one fifth of the top companies out there have websites that are mobile ready. And from that one fifth, 77 percent of their sites take more than five seconds to load. In the age of instant convenience, even a one second delay can result in a loss of at least seven percent conversion. And users remember. Mobile internet searchers will not return to a mobile site that is not easy to navigate or one that takes too long to load.

Clearly the market is there. It seems that mobile website users are growing much more quickly than the mobile websites themselves. By getting involved with a mobile website reseller program, you are getting involved in a burgeoning market and can see a great deal of success for both yourself and the companies that you will be assisting.

Resellers Wanted !

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M-commerce – Maximize Mobile Sales Online

M-commerce is taking up a progressively larger slice of the online retail space. One out of four people now own a smartphone worldwide (much higher rate in developed countries), and 55% of all time spent on retail sites takes place on a mobile device. Mobile device penetration is on the rise and your site needs to be ready to take advantage of this new opportunity.

M-commerce is taking up a progressively larger slice of the online retail space.

Who Uses M-commerce?

There is a couple of customer groups driving the most growth in smartphone use for mobile transactions. If you are an entrepreneur, you should understand who these groups are, what their mobile usage and activity are like, and how you can best deliver your service to drive sales. When it comes to finding customers in mobile commerce, remember the Three M’s: moms, millennials, and multinationals.

  • Mom’s. Mom’s account for more than 70% of annual household spending in the USA. 89% of moms report having their smartphone within arm’s length always or most of the time. This opportunity is dynamite for any online retailer. Mothers tend to be in a rush constantly, so whether your company is selling a product or a service, try to make the user buying experience as simple and straightforward as possible.
  • Millennials. 81% of 18 – 34 year-olds own a smart device of some kind, and according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, average attention span dropped 33 percent in the last decade from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. Grab their attention quick with an efficient site that works well on mobile devices, and you are in a better position to make that sale.
  • Multinationals. We say multinationals, but we don’t mean businesses. We refer to multinational M-commerce as commerce on mobile devices by individuals living all over the world, not just the USA. Developing and maturing countries are a prime target, as there is a much lower installed base of PC users. More people get online via mobile device than any other method.

Mobile Users Demand More

Mobile users are demanding and won’t make allowances for degraded performance simply ‘because it’s on mobile’:

  • 85% of users expect pages to load on mobile as fast as or faster than they load on a desktop.
  • 83% expect pages to load in 4 seconds or less on mobile while 47% expect them to load in half that time.

To ensure that your visitors stay, a site must be fast, reliable and useful. To ensure they convert, it must be possible to quickly find what’s important, and purchase with minimal touch points. There are two reverse trends happening in mobile web right now – pages are getting heavier, with larger images and more content – and users are requiring faster delivery. Finding the correct balance is tricky, but very important.

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