SiteOnMobi 1.9.9 Release new features and enhancements mobile website #goMobi

Please download the PDF document outlining some enhancements and additions we made recently to some functionality in the SiteOnMobi Control Panel.


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SiteOnMobi 1.9.9 release will be deployed October 28th #gomobi


The SiteOnMobi 1.9.9 release will be deployed in our live environment on October 28th. Some new functionality and enhancements in this release will include:


  • New Tablet/Large Screen View
    New Main Image Carousel feature
  • Template features enhancements


  • Multi Device Preview enhancements

Release documentation, release notes and relevant FAQ’s will be provided as soon as we go live with the new release.

External multi device preview localized

The external goMobi multi device preview which can be accessed via has now been localized into all languages supported by goMobi. The user can also change the language of the interface by selecting alternative languages from the language drop down list on the top right hand side of the interface.

  • We check to see if it is valid SiteOnMobi mobile website, if so then we will display the multi device preview. If it is not a valid goMobi site then we will display and error message to the user


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