External multi device preview localized

The external goMobi multi device preview which can be accessed via  http://www.trialdomain.mobi has now been localized into all languages supported by goMobi. The user can also change the language of the interface by selecting alternative languages from the language drop down list on the top right hand side of the interface.

  • We check to see if it is valid SiteOnMobi mobile website, if so then we will display the multi device preview. If it is not a valid goMobi site then we will display and error message to the user


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20 Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

Will mobile marketing add excitement to your upcoming marketing campaigns?

Since the release of legedary Slide Deck: Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends by the renown KPCB Partners Mary Meeker and Matt Murphy two years ago, we have witnessed the life-transforming impact that mobile devices have in our everyday lives. With iOS and Android hitting the critical mass, smartphones have reached a tipping point.


According to market research firm IDC, by 2014, smartphone shipments are expected to pass 1 billion for the first time, marking another milestone in the remarkable rise of smart devices. The rapid adoption of smartphones is driving a mobile Internet boom. Although the importance of mobile technologies for marketing communications is widely recognized, the use of proper strategy is not really understood by a lot of marketers.

To help determine what marketers can do and should be doing with the exponential growth in mobile device ownership, we have put together some enlightening mobile ‘nuggets’ for you. Take a look at some of these highlights we have  pulled from different sources that we think will help you with your mobile marketing.

Top 20 Most Exciting Mobile Marketing Stats You Should Know

Mobile Traffic

Apple and Android represent more than 75% of the smartphone market. (comScoreTweet This Stat!

30% of US consumers use mobile devices for shopping. (Nielsen Mobile Consumer ReportTweet This Stat!

80% of physicians use mobile devices at work. (Information WeekTweet This Stat!

46% of consumers are unlikely to return to a mobile site if it didn’t work properly during their last visit. (Gomez)  Tweet This Stat!

37% of consumers think that most mobile sites are difficult to navigate. (econsultancy)  Tweet This Stat!

Mobile Social Media

Facebook has 1.2 billion users globally, 168.8 million in the U.S. 54% of global users access Facebook via mobile. (socialbakers) Tweet This Stat!

Instagram – 45 million monthly average users globally. (AppDataTweet This Stat!

Twitter – 500 million users globally, 140 million in U.S. 60% of those users access Twitter via Mobile. (VentureBeat | AllThingsDTweet This Stat!

Foursquare – 25 million users globally. (FoursquareTweet This Stat!

91% of mobile internet access is for social activities, versus just 79% on desktops. (Microsoft TagTweet This Stat!


Mobile Email

27% of emails are opened on mobile devices (Sirona ConsultingTweet This Stat!

Mobile email readership is at its peak on Saturday, and at its lowest on Monday. (Marketing Technology BlogTweet This Stat!


Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising revenue is expected to reach over $11 billion worldwide this year, up from over $9 billion last year. (GartnerTweet This Stat!

US Mobile advertising will reach $7.29 billion in 2013, and Google will take home more than half of it. Mobile ad revenue on Facebook is expected to reach $1 billion this year. (eMarketerTweet This Stat!

Mobile Commerce

$20 billion in mobile sales at eBay expected this year, up from $13 billion last year. (eBayTweet This Stat!

48% growth in mobile payments is expected in the US, going from $18 billion this year to $90 billion in 2017. (ForresterTweet This Stat!

24% of US tablet owners use their tablets to shop 2-3 times per month; 20% use them to shop more than once per week; and 12% use them to shop every day! (eMarketerTweet This Stat!

By 2014, one in four mobile phone users will redeem a coupon via a mobile device. (eMarketerTweet This Stat!

Mobile commerce will account for 15 percent of total e-commerce sales this year. (eMarketerTweet This Stat!

863 million units or 53 percent of new handsets will be NFC-enabled in 2015. The total payment value for NFC globally will exceed €110 billion in 2015. (Frost & SullivanTweet This Stat!

Source: Terrence

Mobile Search, Redirection & Google

Last month has seen a push from Google to highlight the importance of mobile optimized web pages. There has been some serious talk about what this might mean for search rankings and what can be done to maintain rankings in search results.


We have known for a long time that Google was taking mobile search seriously, back in 2012 we told you how Google searches for mobile specific content. This week Google have gone a step further by including a warning in mobile search results, if they decide that a page returned in a search result is not mobile friendly. So now it is more important than ever to have your content optimized for mobile. With a goMobi site you don’t have to worry about optimizing your content, or about how it will look on the myriad of different devices available, we do all the hard work of optimization and testing so you don’t have to. With goMobi Xpress you can have a mobilized version of your desktop site within minutes, or you can build a site from one of our templates adding the pages and features you require. Our templates help to get you started and are fully customizable so you have total control over your site.

Faulty Redirect

An important aspect of having a mobile optimized website is proper redirection, this helps mobile crawlers such as Google’s Googlebot Mobile understand your site and how the mobile content is mapped to your existing desktop content.

The wrong way to redirect mobile traffic

One thing Google will be looking for is proper redirection, if the search results from Google return a URL that is for an About-Us page on a desktop site, and the mobile redirection code redirects to the homepage of the mobile site, Google will view this as a ‘Faulty redirect’. In this situation they will issue a warning to users who are searching on mobile that the link ‘May open the site’s homepage’. With proper goMobi redirection code you can avoid this, and once again we have done all the hard work, all you have to do is make sure the appropriate redirection code is in place on your desktop site and that is it!

All pages optimized for mobile

bigRedCloudWhen the news came out I was asked some questions about how goMobi handles redirection, one of them was, if there is not a corresponding page on the mobile site for the desktop site what happens? With the proper goMobi redirection code in place, even if you have not set-up a mobile page for every page on your desktop site, we have you covered. If a user tries to visit a page on their mobile device that does not have a mobile specific page, goMobi will quickly build a mobile optimized page from the desktop content. You can see this in action if you visit the desktop version of Big Red Cloud’s features page, and then check out the mobile version of Big Red Cloud’s features page, which is built dynamically from the desktop content. This feature ensures you are always covered when it comes to mobile search and mobile optimized content.

Redirection code

redirectionCodeTo ensure that your site is set-up to take full advantage of this you need to make sure your redirection code is properly implemented. For sites that use goMobi’s Javascript, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla redirection there is nothing to worry about and you should see a distinct mobile experience, even if you have not created specific mobile pages for individual desktop pages. If you are using PHP, ASP or JSP redirection code then you need to make sure you have updated to the latest version from goMobi, this can be found in the Admin Dashboard or Control Panel of your goMobi site. We are always working hard at goMobi to ensure we keep pace with any new developments in the mobile world, all the latest information on our updates and releases can be found here on our blog, or in the Support section of our website. If you are not a SiteOnMobi customer why don’t you take a 30 day free trial and see for yourself how easy it is to create a mobile website, we do the work, you take the credit.