New Finish page layout

As part of our continuous effort to improve usability we have redesigned the ‘Finish’ page on the Mobile site Control Panel to make it easier for users to share their new site on various social media platforms, view their site and also generate the desktop/mobile redirection code required for automatic redirection. The page will open in a light-box enabling users to transition back to editing their site seamlessly.



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Free WordPress Plugin for goMobi Resellers

Are you a white label mobile website reseller? And do you have a WordPress website? Time to use the free WordPress plugin to offer free trial accounts.


This plugin will help you offer free trial accounts and provide the steps that you need to take to integrate the Free Trial option (out of the list of currect API functions) in WordPress.

Also we offers some suggestions on the optimal way to integrate the product in your business website. goMobi and download this free plugin at:


SiteOnMobi adds Greek language support – gomobi !

Today we added support for Greek to our mobile website builder platform. That brings the number of languages the goMobi interface supports to 17. Site owners can translate the Control Panel and create their mobile site in any of these languages with just one click, making goMobi the only product of its kind with truly international reach. So if you are active in any of these language markets, why not try goMobi?

greek language gomobi

And don’t forget that users can translate a goMobi site into any one of 43 languages with our Site Translation tool.

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